Moscato d’Asti DOCG – Muray

It is the expression of the landscape from which it comes: fresh as the air of the Langhe and sweet as their hillsides.
Muray, from Piemontese “Mulberries” (Mu) “Rare” (Ray) represents the choice of an old peasant wisdom that in the days when the cultivation of mulberry trees was widespread, in our land had preferred to implant the Moscato for a very simple reason: it grew well! It has straw yellow COLOR and its typical PERFUME made by aromatic scents of Moscato grape, floral reminiscent of linden blossom, rose and acacia and it is distinguished by a particular sweet TASTE, thanks to its natural acidity makes pleasant, fresh and not cloying. The occasions for its consuption are many: from the classic PAIRING with pastries, cakes and desserts in general, to the most modern taste associations: served with cheeses, meats and spicy dishes of various ethnic cuisines.

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