Sorì Valentino

Asti D.O.C.G – Sorì Valentino

Valentino is a character who is lost in the legend. No one
under that name lived in the large farm on the hill top, behind the vineyards of Moscato, yet has always been that area is called “Ca’d Valentino”, the house of Valentino. The name comes from the Piedmontese dialect, because “Sori” means “sunny”, as the hill top in which that Valentino lived. Sparkling version of Moscato d’Asti: Sorì Valentino is the wine of the celebrations. It has a straw yellow COLOR, with a PERFUME made by enveloping notes of muscat grapes. The TASTE, sweet, aromatic, fresh, make it perfect on its own or in a dessert COMBINATION of various types.

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